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Client Testimonials: Welcome

Client Testimonials

Services include Personal Training, Health & Wellness  Coaching, Fitness Assessments, Health Education.
Available person to person in Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Central Virginia, VA or online nationally.

Truly Inspirational...

“Jennie’s encouragement and all the effort she put into our [weight-loss program] meetings have been truly inspirational.  She really wants to help, and it shows.”

-Myra S.

Fantastic Trainer...

“Jennie is a fantastic trainer and wonderful friend.”

-Gwynn & Janean C.

Great Coach...

“I love her stretch class especially as she is such a great coach, helping us to have great form.  I always feel so calm after class.  And I always feel so respected as she is working with us.”

-Ruth M.

Help After Shoulder Surgery...

“I appreciate all of the help Jennie provided me after my shoulder surgery!  I honestly do not think that I would be able to do all the activities I am currently doing without her help.”

- Jonathan V.

Broken Wrist...

“I would like to recommend Jennie Whittaker as a Personal Trainer.  After falling and breaking my wrist, I realized my need for strength training.  Jennie motivated me in the gym and the pool with new and interesting exercises.  She took me from a couch potato to someone who enjoys exercise.  Every workout with Jennie was time well-spent.  Jennie is not only my Personal Trainer, she is my friend.”

-Margaret H.

Greater flexibility, endurance & strength...

“After many years of working out with many trainers, the best thing to ever happen to me in a gym was to find Jennie Whittaker.  Why?  First, because she is the rare trainer who is educated with a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology to the point that she has good, sound, scientifically-based reason for the advice and instruction she gives.

            Next, Jennie’s other great attribute is that she asked me exactly what I had been doing in my workouts, then actually listened to my response.  With the carefully gathered information on me, informed by her training, Jennie proceeded to teach me how to work out in ways that were more effective and safer than any workout regime I had ever followed.  I especially appreciated that, after following the old Nautilus-style advice from trainers to always lift more and faster, and as result landing in surgery.  I found Jennie’s approach much safer and more effective. 

            The methods taught by Jennie made me aware of the state of my body.  I learned to contract specific, targeted muscles that needed to be strengthened rather than focusing on lifting a weight.  When you learn how to work out correctly, the focus is always on ‘What am I doing with my body, and what is the effect?’ as opposed to ‘How many pounds did I lift, how far, in how much time?’  Jennie taught me how to build my body and my health, not misdirect my focus on what I was doing to a piece of iron.

            The result was greater flexibility, greater endurance, and greater strength.  I won’t try to recite all the lessons I learned from Jennie.  After all, she worked with me for over a year and taught me a great deal.  I cannot stop without saying how valuable I have found her instruction in learning how to appreciate what is going on within my own body and making sure my workouts lead to better health, and not to the all-too-common workout injuries.  Ask Jennie about the frequency of rotator cuff injury and how you can avoid it.  Jennie’s response will give you a hint of what I’m talking about.”

-Bob P.

Brightened Our Lives...

“Jennie has brightened our lives.  She does so much for her students: much more than just teaching us to stretch.  We are so grateful.”

-Lucia & Terry F.

Gracious and Empowering...

“Jennie was like water to a thirsty soul when I was feeling like a failure in my weight-loss program, so gracious and empowering.  But she is like that every time I see her.”

-Mary Lou R.

Patience and Compassion...

“I am thankful for Jennie’s help in getting me off to a strong start on my fitness journey.  Her expertise and ability to quickly adapt any exercise in a way I could complete it was invaluable.  Her dedication to her clients’ well-being permeates every interaction, whether it’s teaching the proper way to complete an exercise, suggestions for emotional and mental health, or just listening. I greatly appreciated her commitment, patience, and compassion.“


The Ideal Way to Go...

“I appreciated all of Jennie’s expertise and wisdom and really enjoyed our sessions.  There is no doubt her expertise is the ideal way to go. She is a wonderful trainer.  She will be wildly successful in her endeavor as she is clearly brilliant at her work and so much more than a physical trainer. I highly recommend her services.”
- Carleen C.

A Notable Positive Difference...

“Jennie’s support, guidance, our conversations, etc. - all of it in such a short amount of time - have made a notable positive difference for me.  I am thankful to have her in my life.  She does a really good job at what she does.  I am thankful for the person that she is and how that impacts her work with me and I’m sure her other clients.  Jennie is awesome and making such a positive impact on my life.”
- B.H.

Addresses the Whole Person...

“Jennie is a special instructor.  She doesn't just address the body, but she addresses the whole person, all while she is doing and teaching physical exercises in class.  That is unique.  She not only teaches new things, but often just reinforces, and thus inspires, ideas and concepts about the realities of aging.  Staying healthy in all aspects while aging is so critical!  And she not only gets it, but she teaches it.
- Christine A.

Gentle, Spot-on, Experienced Guidance...

“I have loved Jennie’s classes and her warm spirit, wonderful music and gentle, spot-on, experienced guidance.  Her clients are lucky to have her!”
- Jane L.

Help with Physical and Emotional Needs...

"I am so grateful for my experience with WellFit by Jennie.  Jennie is a caring, compassionate person who listens with no judgment.  I sought her out solely for my physical well-being; however, she helped me through so much more!  Our conversations led me to the root of the issues that were preventing me from being the person I wanted to be.  I highly recommend WellFit by Jennie for those looking for someone to help with not only his/her physical needs but emotional ones as well." 
- Vickie Z.

Incredibly Thorough Evaluation...

After following the program that Jennie created for me, I feel stronger, have better balance and much-improved shoulder strength and flexibility. She did an incredibly thorough evaluation, listened carefully to my concerns and goals, and made sure that the program was doable by making adjustments when necessary. She is a knowledgeable professional and a delightful human being.
- Carole T.

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